2010 Symposium | Welcome Dinner

by Stephanie Wong


PROVIDENCE, RI Oct. 29 2010 - It was with great excitement that Strait Talk welcomed fifteen delegates from mainland China, Taiwan and the US, who finally met all the Strait Talk Steering Committee members this evening.  After laboring intensely to bring them to Brown for the past few months and being in touch through email and phone, it was thrilling to see all the delegates in person.  For many delegates, it was their first time in Rhode Island, for others, it was the first time they had ever set foot on American soil - and despite the jet lag and exhaustion, conversations sparked as they all began to get to know each other.  Henry Shepherd, one of the original founding members of Strait Talk, made a special appearance through Skype to deliver some words of wisdom, along with many well wishes.


Following a dinner of all-American burgers generously provided by Better Burger Company, there was a brief time of introduction, where each delegate spoke about where they were from, how they heard about Strait Talk and a fun fact about themselves.  Steering Committee members similarly provided fun facts and also shared stories about their multiple roles in Strait Talk.  The buzzing atmosphere and tangible eagerness in the room made time pass extraordinarily quickly - and soon, some decided to head back home with their hosts, while others continued onwards to Ben and Jerry’s for a rush of sugar rush in the form of the famed Vermonster.  ICR starts bright and early tomorrow morning - and if this welcoming event is a portent of things to come, Strait Talk 2010 Symposium will certainly be an unforgettable experience.