Anand Mahindra, MD of Mahindra Group; Designers from Mumbai Fashion Week; Head of Delhi Wine Club

On this episode we talk to Anand Mahindra, Managing Director of the Mahindra Group, about Mahindra's role in social infrastructure and his plans for other aspects of his company including the Mahindra United Football Club and his movie production house, Mumbai Mantra.

We talk to Sonya Vajifdar and Sougat Paul, two emerging fashion designers, about fashion and the recent Lakme Fashion Week.  Sougat designs denim and women’s evening wear, among other things, and Sonya has gained quite a bit of attention for her rainwear line and her work with the jockeys at the 2010 Mumbai Derby

Last fall, the Delhi Wine Club expanded into Mumbai.  We speak with Subhash Arora, the founder and President of the Delhi Wine Club, about the wine industry in India, the consumer’s attitude about wine, and how it stacks up against India’s favorite: whiskey. 

Originally aired on March 18, 2010.