Model blogs on GC

Here are a few samples of blogs / conversations on Global Conversation:



Best use of photography, great writing:


Coloring Caracas

 a blog by winter fellow Alexanda Ulmer (Brown '11) who explored how street grafitti reflects the social and political upheaveals in the South American country of Venezuela. Her blog makes great use of photography, narration and video covering a wide array of themes that include including Che Guevara, religion, Venezuelan political history, socialism. . . and even a glimpse on individual locals.



Best use of video and organization of a conversation from beginning to end


Heritage at Play

a blog by summer fellows Zack McCune (Brown '10) and Colleen Brogan (Brown '11) who explored sports in Ireland and what they mean to the citizens of that country; precisely, Heritage at Play is a project about "the role of Irish indigenous sports in Ireland's independence and cultural heritage." McCune and Brogan use their curiosity about sport, in addition to great film-making and story-telling skills to demistify sports such as hurly and gaelic football.



Great blogging and video [winner of Global Conversation Video Contest]


Wolof and the Web

a blog by Juliana Friend (Brown '11) who captured the struggles of Senegal's Wolof-speaking people in trying to preserve their language in a digital era; Friend's video, National Language, Digital Language was the winner of the Global Conversation Video Competition this year.