Uplifting Sports

The Power of Sport Media Lab at Brown University is proud to launch ‘Uplifting Sports’ as the next step in our movement to bring more awareness to "power of sport" stories through mainstream sports media outlets. 'Uplifting Sports' taps into the feeling one gets when bearing witness to something truly spectacular through sports. We encourage individuals to change the way they view sports by showcasing moments in sports, past and present, which depict the power of sports to make an impact on society.

‘Uplifting Sports’ sees an opportunity to generate content highlighting instances where sport is creating positive social change on individuals and communities. By generating constant coverage of "power of sport" stories we aim to help people realize sport creating positive social change is not unique but rather commonplace.

'Uplifting Sports' features videos and stories posted weekly capturing moments when sport makes a positive impact on society. Our goal is to showcase sports' uplifting effect on individuals and communities. By highlighting individuals overcoming obstacles, professional athletes utilizing their influence, and sports' defining moments in history, the truly extraordinary ability sport has to change the world will be obvious. The power of sport is strong and everpresent. Through centralizing the inspirational moments in sports, which are happening every day, we hope to spread our passion of using sport as a tool for social development to you.

We will share with you all the content and videos we have, but we need you to tell us YOUR story, also. Whether you have personally experienced an Uplifting Sports moment, captured one on camera or used your journalism skills to produce a video or article, we want to hear about it. So please visit our "Tell Us Your Story" page and submit your stories and we will feature it on 'Uplifting Sports'!

Website - www.upliftingsports.com