Quick Updates

Update 1:

Last week we screened the Semillero Video for the kids of Semillero themselves. They loved seeing their classmates and teachers on TV and each time someone new came on the screen they turned to giggle to each other. Here's a photo of them watching the video. It was really fun to show them the final product of their interviews and watch them enjoy their few minutes of fame. The video is now up and running on the Semillero website but I also left Marta multiple DVDs of the video to give to different sponsors and schools nearby as a promotional tool to inform potential volunteers or donors about Semillero.

Update 2:

Last Tuesday we went to the indigenous rights march for community radio in Guatemala city. Unfortunately, after months of planning, the day of indigenous peoples coincided with a political uproar. Presidential candidate Sandra Torres' candidacy was deemed ineligible by the court because she is the wife of the current president. So the central park in Guatemala city, where the community radio stations had planned on protesting, was instead filled with outraged Torres supporters. Though the group of indigenous rights supporters could have all gathered in the park alongside the Torres fans, they decided their presence wouldn't have much impact amongst the crowd and controversy surrounding the court decision. So, instead of marching to the central park we simply stood outside of the Congress while the leaders of the rally spoke inside.

It was difficult to see so many months of preparation shadowed by the coincidence of the court decision. And what could have been an opportunity to turn attention toward an important issue of indigenous rights and the legalization of community radio was instead eclipsed by the election buzz. Though many people left the 2-day long indigenous rights conference when they found out the official march was cancelled, a dedicated group of people did stick around to protest outside the court house. They made signs and tied handkerchiefs over their mouths to symbolize the silencing of indigenous people under the current laws that inhibit their freedom of expression. Photos to be updated when site is working!