We are pleased to announce the launch of SportsCorps, a program of the Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute. SportsCorps will provide current college students and recent college graduates with semester- and full-year experiences engaging in fostering the power of sport in communities around the world.

SportsCorps will harness the passion and dedication of youth leaders who embrace the ideals of service and community activism, while utilizing the vehicle of sport to make lasting impact in communities around the globe. SportsCorps will capture the energy of successful service models such as AmeriCorps and PeaceCorps, and support a growing national and international movement focused on utilizing the power of sport as a catalyst for creating healthy communities.

SportsCorps will provide an organizational framework for college students to explore the field of sport and social change, examine and study issues at the intersection of sport and social issues, and promote social justice within and through sports. SportsCorps will help to facilitate and foster on-campus student engagement and student initiatives in sport and social change.

Further, SportsCorps will provide college students with a platform to facilitate semester-long research-based internships in communities around the globe. SportsCorps will select a small group of college students each semester, and work to coordinate these research-focused experiences. SportsCorps will work in close collaboration with the Sport and Development Project at Brown University and utilize Brown University as a laboratory for the development of the SportsCorps model.

Additionally, each year, SportsCorps will provide a select number of recent college graduates with year long opportunities to work in the heart of underserved communities to both conduct research and create and deliver sports and healthy development programming that directly impact the community. These SportsCorps leaders will be placed in schools, health centers and community organizations to increase access to physical activity and healthy development opportunities in global communities. SportsCorps leaders will engage and empower individuals to improve the health of their own communities.

We very much look forward to sharing this news and information about SportsCorps with young people around the world. We believe that the SportsCorps framework, with an applied research component, is a unique opportunity to foster student engagement in sport and social change in a meaningful and comprehensive format to foster the connection between young people and community development through sports and physical activity.

We are excited to work together with you to advance the SportsCorps program to engage young people in sport and social change.

Warmest regards,


Linda Keefe
Executive Director, Fitzgerald Youth Sports Institute

Eli A. Wolff
Director, SportsCorps