Why Do I Love What I Do? Why Do I Love the Power of Sport?

I love the power of sport because of the way that it brings me into contact with so many amazing people around the world that have a vision and an understanding for the opportunity and potential for sport to have a positive role in our global society. I love the way that this community envisions inclusion and empowerment and inspires and motivates the sports culture towards greatness in terms of social responsibility and social change. 

I love the innovation and creativity that emerges through the power of sport. There is ongoing critical thinking to imagine a better world and solutions to discrimination. I love the unique strategies and platforms that individuals and communities design and develop to promote and encourage the power of sport. 

I love the power of sport as it mobilizes on positive values and ideals that look to bring respect and dignity to everyone. I love working in a community that is working toward making a difference and is working toward social change rather than maintaining the status quo. I love this community that is transcending and transforming sport itself and also utilizing sport for social change in the world. 

I love the power of sport because of the tangible moments of inspiration and courage that take place on a daily basis all over the world. I love that people of all ages all over the world are willing to see sport differently and to foster power of sport experiences and moments that have long lasting impact.

I love the power of sport because it is interdisciplinary and brings together so many diverse perspectives. I love the power of sport because there are so many ways to engage and contribute. I love the way that the power of sport challenges me to think differently about the world, and also can help me think about humanity and how we can find ways to bring people together in kindness and love.