AT&T Media Fellows

People’s lives shaped by violence on the US-Mexico border. Poor kids in Mali, finding an outlet in dance at a local community center. Indian mothers resorting to starting a school of their own. These are some of the people around the world whose stories are being shared online by the Brown’s first cohort of AT&T New Media Fellows this summer – through documentary films, podcast series, photography, and other media.

The AT&T Media Fellowships are part of the Institute's planned launch of a new Global Conversation website (currently operating as a beta site), where all Brown students, faculty, and alumni are invited to submit their content on global issues and join the Conversation. New bloggers are joining almost every day, including students in international fellowship programs across the University.

The site is being developed by the Watson Institute under a grant from the AT&T Foundation and AT&T Corp.

The 2010 New Media Fellows are:

• Chantal Berman ’10 and Evan Pulvers ’10, an international relations/Middle East studies concentrator and a development studies concentrator, respectively, spending the summer in Kenya aiding community radio stations;
• Colleen Brogan ’10 and Zachary McCune ‘10, an art history/French semiotics concentrator and modern culture and media concentrator, respectively, who will travel to Ireland this summer to document traditional Gaelic games and examine their wider cultural implications;
• Sarah Coghlan Grad., a global health scholar who will travel to El Salvador to research sustainable alternatives to international food aid in the form of community gardens;
• Steven Ellis ’10.5, an applied psychology concentrator traveling to Croatia this summer to produce a documentary examining the EU accession process and its globalizing effects on a young democracy;
• Matthew Garza ’11, an education studies/anthropology concentrator who will use music and video to document children’s education through performance in Mali;
• Sarah Gibson ’10.5; a history concentrator traveling to Georgia to document and share the nation’s iconic traditional music and dance;
• Sarah Kay ’10, a modern culture and media concentrator who will travel to Gurgaon, India, to document the story of Pragati, a grass-roots public school for underserved children;
• Quyen Ngo ’12, a development studies concentrator who will travel to Vietnam this summer to explore the strengths and weaknesses of its educational system; and
• Hannah Olson ’10, an economic development/comparative literature concentrator who will explore the impact of Mexico/US border regulations on those whose lives depend upon it.