Brown-India Initiative

The Brown-India Initiative is an interdisciplinary hub for the study of contemporary India. The Initiative’s goals are twofold: to produce first-rate academic research, and to contribute to public discourse on, and in, India through talks, events, and the convergence of figures from across the lines of academia, civil society, literature, public policy and journalism. 

 A truly global enterprise, the Brown-India Initiative is based at the Watson Institute for International Studies, which offers unique opportunities for producing policy-relevant scholarship.  Watson is home to some of the leading political scientists, sociologists, economists, anthropologists and policy makers at Brown and a cohort of visiting international scholars.

Partnerships form a key component of the Initiative’s research projects.  Current partners include: Janaagraha (Bangalore), Center for Policy Research (Delhi), National Council of Applied Economic Research (Delhi), and Center for Public Policy (IIM-Bangalore).

The Brown-India Initiative was inspired and informed by Brown's Year of India (2009-10), which brought leading literary figures to campus, profiled India's arts and music, and sponsored discussions of India's politics and economics, in which academics, policy makers and public intellectuals participated. 



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