BRYTE Summer Camp: Combatting Summer Learning Loss

This summer, Providence is not offering an ELL (English Language Learners) camp for its youth.  

Children from lower-income families tend to show a drop of nearly three months of grade level equivalency each year during the summer, as compared to a one-month loss by middle-income students. Refugee youth, in addition to being from lower-income families, are typically academically behind their non-refugee, same age peers.  The existing gap combined with the detrimental effects that summer has on academic achievement are a cause for concern in terms of academic success of refugee youth.  Thus, BRYTE, Brown Refugee Youth Tutoring and Enrichment Summer Camp was born.  

BRYTE’s Summer Camp reverses typical academic backsliding and summer learning loss by providing an intensive 6-week experience that helps close the achievement gap for refugee children in Providence, RI.

Literacy and English language acquisition infuse every aspect of BRYTE’s programming.  BRYTE’s approach is highly personalized with one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction.

BRYTE builds a diverse and supportive community of ~50 refugee children who share a common set of experiences (life in refugee camps; trauma from living through violent conflicts; interrupted or non-existent formal schooling).

Through field trips and other hands-on activities, BRYTE’s Summer Camp helps refugee children explore and understand their new community of Providence.

By participating in BRYTE’s Summer Camp, refugee students develop essential language skills and the self-confidence to succeed in school and in society. 

Core values:
—A holistic approach to education: Inspiring critical thinking, creative self expression, and a love for learning through academic programming and enrichment activities
— Reciprocity: Building strong relationships, fostering bidirectional learning, and promoting cross-cultural understanding
— Asset based approach: Drawing on the existing strengths of the Providence refugee community and its local institutions
—Empowerment through literacy: Enabling Providence refugees to access resources and advocate for themselves and their communities through English proficiency
We're so excited for the summer!  After two weeks of planning, we are ready to start training for our senior, junior, and part time staff.  We have a week planned full of trainings, including the following: an introduction to refugee resettlement, a training on behavior management and nonviolence, a scavenger hunt as an introduction to South Providence, much curriculum development training and more.  Videos and pictures to come soon!Check periodically for updates.  We'll try to update every week-it's going to be a great summer!  



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