Creating an account

If you’re a Brown student, faculty member, or alum, you can easily create an account on the Global Conversation and start a blog to share your international interests, experiences or research.  Click here to register using your brown.edu or alumni.brown.edu (how to get one?) email address and get started!


Once you’ve created an account, let us know who you are!  Write yourself a short bio and upload a picture – this helps engage readers and gives your content a personal feel.  If you’re on Twitter, please put down your username as well so the Global Conversation can automatically display your tweets on the site.

Here’s a what a completed profile looks like:

Completed profile


Any time you write on the Global Conversation, you’ll categorize your post by which “conversation” it belongs to.  If there’s an existing conversation under which it makes sense to categorize your post, you can use that, but most contributors choose to create their own conversation.  To do so, click on “New Conversation” in the top of the right-hand sidebar.  You'll need choose a name and image for your conversation, write a description for readers and enter the conversation's location (where in the world are you writing about) so that it appears on our map.  You can enter more than one location if you want: enter the first and save the conversation, return to the edit page and do it again!  You can enter as many locations as you want.

Once you’ve created a conversation, click on “New Story” to post.  Give your post an engaging title, and select which conversation it should be filed under, as well as the region or regions of the world that it deals with.

When composing your posts, make sure to include a photo or video using the “Featured photo” or “Upload video” functions.  These will appear as the thumbnail for the post on the main page of the Global Conversation, and help grab readers’ attention right away.


All your posts should be composed directly and entirely on the website.  That is, you should do all your writing on the "New Story" page, rather than writing your posts in Microsoft Word (or any other text editor) and then pasting them into the site.  Text editing programs like Word generate their own text formatting which plays havoc with our site, and causes the editors a lot of headache.  We want to spend our time reading your posts, not going through and correcting all the formatting!  Please help us out with this.

If you insert multiple images into a post, they'll automatically be turned into a gallery; readers can click on any one to then easily navigate between all of them with arrow keys in fullscreen.  This a great way to add to your posts, so please upload photos you've taken if you can.  Remember that photos you haven't taken may be protected by copyright; check with us if you have any questions about this.


If you have videos you’d like to include in a post, you have a couple options.  If you have an existing YouTube or Vimeo account, you can upload the video there, and simply provide the URL when composing your post.  Your video will automatically be displayed as the post’s thumbnail and in the body.

If you don’t already have an account with either of these sites, don’t worry!  You can log in to YouTube with your Brown email address and password – no additional account setup is necessary.  You’ll then have access to all the same features as every other YouTube user, including uploading videos.  See YouTube’s support pages for help on uploading videos.

Social Media

The editors share almost everything that’s posted on the site on the Global Conversation Facebook and Twitter.  Sharing your blog posts on your own Facebook (and Twitter, if you use it) is a really good way to direct more people to your post and encourage interaction.  When posting on Facebook, make sure you see the appropriate thumbnail image – those make a big difference in calling attention to your link.  Asking a question in a post is also a good way to get people interested.  On Twitter, use #globalconvo to have your tweets automatically displayed on the Global Conversation homepage.

Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to help increase our reach!


If you have any trouble posting, or have any questions at all, please email global_conversation@brown.edu and one of the editors will get back to you shortly.