Valerie Bondura

I'm a senior at Brown double concentrating in Archaeology and the Ancient World and Latin American Studies, with a heavy background in political philosophy. I'm most interested in the construction of personal, community, and national narratives and identities through archaeology and history. I strongly believe in the usefulness of comparative study and the unification of a wide variety of disciplines to examine a single issue or question. I'm hoping to continue my studies at the graduate level to explore all of this further. Currently, I'm engaged in the research and composition of my senior honor's thesis, which will be the product of work made possible by the Brown International Scholarship Program. This work revolves around using archaeology and materiality to explore the history of the Romani people in Greece/the Balkans and the European world at large. Right now I am focused on the identification of an independent Romani political entity known to have existed on the Ionian island of Corfu, but larger issues of interest include what archaeology and history can tell us about the narratives and identities constructed for/of/about/by the Romani people.