Fatimah Asghar


I just recently graduated from Brown with a dual degree in International Relations and Africana Studies. Right now I am on a Fulbright grant in Bosnia & Herzegovina studying political performance and social change. My project focuses on how theater and artistic performance can often provide an alternative discourse to politics and how political theater and political art can be used to reconstruct ideas of personhood and community in the face of adversity that stems from a history of ethnic based violence. In addition to researching theater here, I hope to create a lasting Spoken Word community here .

Prior to being in Bosnia I spent a semester studying Arabic and International Relations in Jordan. During my time at Brown I also conducted a research project on political theater in Rwanda through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship.

DISCLAIMER: In no way do my opinions or ideas reflect the US Government or the Fulbright organization.

Stories by this author

  • | January 16th, 2012
    The last couple of months have been incredibly busy here! I met a nonfiction writer here named Una and we decided to make a Slam Poetry and Nonfiction writing group.   It was a slightly bizarre concept since most people had never heard of...
  • | September 30th, 2011
      I went to the ballet at the National Theater of Sarajevo today and it was absolutely amazing. The last time I saw the ballet was when I was super young and went on a field trip to the nutcracker but when I saw that there was a Sarajevo Ballet...